Wedding Bands


Complete your commitment to each other with a set of beautiful, handcrafted wedding rings. At Havilah Designer Jewellers, we specialise in designing and manufacturing high-quality, custom-made wedding rings and bands. We are based in Port Elizabeth and have been servicing clients across South Africa since 1996.

Wedding Band Options

Wedding bands come in a wide variety of styles, metals, and metal colours – each of which has its own distinct features and appeal. From white gold which has maintained its popularity through the years and yellow gold which is one of the easiest to maintain, to rose gold which boasts a rich, warm hue and platinum or palladium which are most durable, scratch-resistant and naturally hypoallergenic due to their purity.

There are many options available, but ultimately your choice comes down to personal preference. Some clients want their wedding bands to match the engagement ring, while others wish for something slightly different but complementary.

At Havilah Designer Jewellers, we endeavour to create wedding bands that suit your distinct taste and style as well as your budget. Take a look at this selection of rings handcrafted by our experienced goldsmiths.

Havilah Wedding Rings & Bands

Our wedding rings and bands are available in various metals, including 9ct and 18ct white, rose and yellow gold as well as platinum and palladium. They may also be combined with diamonds and gemstones of your choice.

Often, gents will opt for something a little less extravagant. Argentium Silver is an excellent choice in this instance. It contains different alloys to sterling silver, is more hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and affordable.

Our goldsmiths do not recommend metals such as Titanium or Tungsten, primarily due to their hardness and inability to be sized. Please feel welcome to contact us for a quote on an alternative metal for your wedding ring or band.

If you aren’t already set on something in particular, our wedding band specialists can advise you on the elements that work well together, while still giving you the freedom to express your creativity and individual style.

Wedding Band Design & Manufacture

At Havilah Designer Jewellers, we will design and manufacture a compatible wedding band, ensuring it complements and enhances the design of your engagement ring – making it easy and comfortable to be worn together.

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18ct White Gold Wedding Set - Handcrafted in Havilah Workshop 18ct White Gold Wedding Set - Handcrafted in Havilah Workshop