Match your mood with BradDaShey – “Your Beautiful Story”

BradDaShey is an exquisite collection of unique sterling silver bangles with interchangeable faces and attachable charms. Handcrafted with care by Havilah Designer Jewellers. Each piece carries a special symbolism, which is what makes this range stand out from the ordinary. A perfect choice to spoil yourself or to gift to a loved one.

BradDaShey products

The BradDaShey collection includes a range of stunning sterling silver bangles, interchangeable faces and charms.

  1. Sterling Silver Bangles

Each of our sterling silver bangles has a symbolic meaning which is expressed through its unique design. BradDaShey bangles are available in the following designs:

  • BradDaShey Bangle
  • Starfish Bangle
  • Butterfly Bangle
  • Rhino Bangle
  • Frangipani Bangle
  • Rose Bangle
  • Family Tree Bangle
  • Snowflake Bangle
  • Elephant Bangle
  • Swallow Bangle
  • Africa Bangle
  • Birthstone Bangles

Our birthstone bangle collection includes birthstones for every month of the year.

  • January (GARNET) – Symbolises compassion and love.
  • February (AMETHYST) – Symbolises peace and calmness.
  • March (AQUAMARINE) – Symbolises honesty and purity.
  • April (DIAMOND) – Symbolises strength and resilience.
  • May (EMERALD) – Symbolises faithfulness and loyalty.
  • June (PEARL) – Symbolises innocence, modesty and stability.
  • July (RUBY) – Symbolises confidence and reliability.
  • August (PERIDOT) – Symbolises charm and friendliness.
  • September (SAPPHIRE) – Symbolises calmness and intelligence.
  • October (TOURMALINE) – Symbolises joy and happiness.
  • November (CITRINE) – Symbolises cheerfulness and optimism.
  • December (TANZANITE) – Symbolises wisdom, truth and dignity.
  1. Sterling Silver Interchangeable Face (Without Bangle)

All our designs come as a complete bangle, or you may choose to purchase the face piece on its own. We recommend purchasing your favourite BradDaShey bangle first, then add any of our individual face pieces to your collection, so you can mix and match depending on your mood. In addition to the designs mentioned above, we also offer the following interchangeable face pieces:

  • Protea Interchangeable Face
  • Heart Interchangeable Face
  1. Sterling Silver Charms

Each of our sterling silver charms has a symbolic meaning. Add them to your BradDaShey bangle to tell your own unique story. Our bangle charms are available in the following designs:

  • Africa Charm
  • Buffalo Charm
  • Elephant Charm
  • Rhino Charm
  • Dog Charm
  • Cat Charm
  • Dachshund Charm
  • Unicorn Charm
  • Girl Charm

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BradDaShey Size Chart

Please consult our sizing chart to ensure that your BradDaShey bangle is the perfect fit.

  • Small

Measurements: 49mm x 39mm

Circumference: 17cm

  • Medium

Measurements: 57mm x 47mm

Circumference: 19cm

  • Large

Measurements: 69mm x 51mm

Circumference: 20cm

  • Extra Large

Measurements: 75mm x 56mm

Circumference: 22cm

BradDaShey Stockists

  1. Havilah Designer Jewellers

38 6th Avenue

Walmer, Port Elizabeth

Tel: 041 581 1942

  1. Takealot

The BradDaShey collection is also available to order online at Click here to order your favourite BradDaShey sterling silver bangle, interchangeable face or attachable charm.