9ct White gold Green tourmaline and diamond ring

Why choose Havilah?

18 Jun 2019

Havilah have, since 1996, been expertly crafting exquisite, unique, one of a kind jewellery pieces. We believe that jewellery is akin to art and should not only reflect the skill of the goldsmith manufacturing the piece but also capture the personality of the one who will wear it. Our desire is for you, our client to walk away with a piece of jewellery that will evoke the same emotion in you that you felt the first time you saw the piece, every time you wear it.

Our custom made jewellery is more than a selection from a counter filled with mass manufactured jewellery items – it is a commission, made for you – to reflect you. We strive to capture your vision and entwine your meaningful story in our works.  

During the design consultation, our clients are able to conceptualise their finished product before manufacture has even begun. Life size sketches are done to ensure that your vision has been interpreted with absolute preciseness by our team and once you are happy, diamonds, moissanites and/ or gemstones are sourced to perfectly compliment your unique design, then viewed by yourself under a loupe where we will discuss the ‘Four C’s’ and the characteristics of your specially selected  diamond, moissanite or gemstone. The importance of the correct diamond and gemstone selection to compliment the piece cannot be overstated. We will also discuss the various metal options with you and address any concerns or questions you may have, outlining the benefits of each option to ensure that you feel confident that the decision you have made is the right one for you. Once you are satisfied with the design, materials selected and quote and give us the go ahead, we will commence manufacture of your jewellery piece.

All of our custom works are manufactured by exceptionally skilled goldsmiths on our premises. We allow you, our client, the opportunity to not only pop in and view your piece in the making, but even go as far as to let you melt your metal for the manufacture of your special piece, under the careful guidance of one of our trained jewellers. Upon request, we will photograph the manufacturing process, at the different stages, taking you on a visual journey and giving you glimpse into the manufacturing of your unique jewellery item.

We service the whole of South Africa, and have many international customers, for whom we have manufactured a number of beautiful custom commissioned pieces. 

We are able to ship your jewellery to you anywhere across the globe. We have officially received our export licence from SARS and ship via DHL. Our jewellery pieces are insured while in transit. 

Our satisfied clients are testament to our expertise, quality craftsmanship and outstanding service.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like us to create your next beautiful piece.
If you prefer to shop our range of carefully selected jewellery items in store, we cater to that too. We also pride ourselves in our ability to transform your old and outdated jewellery items into something you'll love once more and be excited about wearing. Whatever your requirements may be, let us be your jeweller of choice.

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