The Melting Pot

08 Jul 2019

The melting pot is a very special place at Havilah. It’s a place where old and outdated jewellery goes to be transformed into something magnificent, spectacular, new & fresh.

Many of us have items of jewellery that we no longer wear, simply because it is no longer in style or we’ve just grown tired of it.  Perhaps, a ring inherited from a loved one isn’t your size or doesn’t suit your style. Whatever the reason that your jewellery is lying in a cupboard or safe somewhere, collecting dust or tarnishing while your gemstones become cloudy and dull, we want to encourage you to pull out those pieces and dream up something fabulous that you could do with them.

Our talented team of designers and goldsmiths take pleasure in turning those items into something that will once again be adored and worn with pride.

Let your old jewellery be like the lotus flower, rising from a dark place into new beauty – and allow yourself to fall in love all over again.

Remember that remodelling is recycling. If you are using your existing materials (metal and stones) you're not requiring new materials to be mined to make up your piece, and therefore you're helping the environment.

It's not only environmentally friendly, it's also easier on your own pocket as you're not having to fork out for new materials. You're merely paying for the labour, and if any additional metal and stones are required. 

Contact us to arrange a consultation. We’d love to chat about your ideas and put some designs together.