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Jewellery - still the perfect push present!

17 Jan 2020

So what is a push present anyway? A woman makes a LOT of sacrifeces to bring a beatiful bundle of cuteness and giggles into the world, starting with pregnancy and continuing throughout the rest of her life. 

When your partner finds out that she's pregnant there are a few things she may have to give up temporarily, perhaps it's her perfect body and flat tummy that now has to grow and make room for the very precious little human she's busy growing, maybe she'll miss that glass of wine that she so enjoys in the evenings after a busy day of work, perhaps the thing she will miss most during pregnancy is just having the standard amount of energy that any normal human being requires to function well- because growing a baby has a way of knocking that right out of a woman, maybe it's a comfortable good nights rest with the ability to roll over into a new position with ease, maybe it's as simple as wearing a pair of heels. So many of these little things that we take for granted...but the truth is, she'll probably smile and take it all in her stride, because she knows that her perfect baby will be worth all of those sacrifices and so much more. 

Going through the pain of natural labour and childbirth or going into surgery for a c-section is no small task, but she does it with excitement because she knows she will soon hold this precious little being in her arms that her body has so miraculously grown and nurtured for the last nine months.

Think it ends there? Oh, no - it's just getting started. She has so much still to learn and figure out. A breastfeeding mom still remains her babies primary source of nutrition for quite some time, and a mom who formula feeds her baby will need to pick her exhausted body up to make a fresh bottle every couple of hours. Add to that, nappy changing, night waking, learning to decipher her babies different cries and what they mean, to be her babies primary source of comort as they adjust to the world outside the womb. Oh, becoming a mom is perhaps the most challenging and the most rewarding thing a woman will ever face.

Without a doubt, the best gift you can give her as she takes on this momentus task of motherhood is your love and support. But a meaningful gift to show your gratitude for all that she is and all that she's done and sacrificed certainly won't go unappreciated. 

A jewellery gift - still the best push present - and one that lasts a lifetme!
Few gifts can match a thoughtfully chosen jewellery item that is both timeless and meaningful. Or better yet, let us design and manufacture a one-of-a-kind jewellery piece that is made just for her. 

Diamonds have always been a popular choice, be it a new ring or eternity band, a special pair of diamond earrings, a tennis bracelet, or an exquisite diamond pendant. If you plan on having more children, you could even have a special piece designed and custom made with a single diamond that can be added to as you grow your family. Earth-friendly alternatives include salt & pepper diamonds and moissanites

Another excellent choice is a personalised birthstone jewellery piece, it could feature the birthstones of mom, dad and baby, and again leave room for adding more as your family grows, or it could simply feature the babies birthstone. Excellent examples of these are stack rings and family tree pendants incorporating the respective birthstones.

Start a charm bracelet featuring a little boy or girl charm. Our BradDaShey bangle makes for en excellent push present with a family tree, or birthstone face piece along with a boy or girl charm. 

We also have gorgeous little boy and girl pendants in our Pretty Silver collection. These make for the perfect gift that is both affordable and memorable.

Or allow us to custom create a very special and personailised gift that is unique and meaningful to represent her. 

Whether you decide to spoil her with a push present or not, remember that the biggest gift you can give her is love, support, gratitude and a helping hand wherever you can!

What a beautiful journey to begin!