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Pearl Restringing

Pearl Restringing We offer a complete pearl stringing & jewellery re-stringing service for necklaces or bracelets.

Why pearl necklaces and bracelets should be restrung

Pearls are generally strung with closely tied knots between each pearl to minimise wear, separating each pearl and giving the necklace the maximum flexibility. Dirt and grease may find their way between the pearls and wear the material upon which they are threaded.

As the thread weakens, there is a chance of it snapping.

Have Your Beads & Pearls Restrung And Knotted For Safety.

If you wear your pearls often, to prevent necklace breakage, it is a good idea to have your pearls restrung periodically, perhaps. Knotting the strand between each pearl will prevent all of the pearls from falling off the strand in the event the strand breaks. Also, knotting prevents the pearls from rubbing against one another and causing damage.

A pearl necklace or bracelet can be easily restrung with stronger string to prevent future problems.

A little care can go a long way toward ensuring that your cherished pearls remain safe and bright for years to come.

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